Outreach and Voluntary Work

Edinburgh International Science Festival

During the Edinburgh International Science Festival, I worked on the Zoo Bus, home to a wide variety of fascinating animals. The Zoo Bus also houses a selection of microscopes through which children can view a variety of micro-organisms, some of which pose a significant threat to public health.

Here Be Dragons

In 2012-2013 I produced a short documentary film, aimed at high school students, about the reptiles of Australia's arid zone. The primary goal of the film is to help students understand one of the key biological concepts introduced to them at high school -
adaptation. The remarkable diversity of Australia's arid zone also forms a strong theme in the film. The film can be viewed below or on the Science Flicks website (
www.scienceflicks.org), where you will also find a 'Teacher's Pack' containing a collection of questions and activities that complement the film's content.

"Hands down - best lecturer and tutor combo at Macquarie Uni! Well done lads - engaging and really enjoyable to watch :-) Thumbs up!"

National Science Week

During National Science Week, I helped run a school science expo which involves entertaining and educating primary school students with hands-on activities relating to biology, microbiology, chemistry and physics.


National Indigenous Science Education Program

During my PhD, I volunteered for the National Indigenous Science Education Program (NISEP), an initiative designed to engage indigenous high school students with science. NISEP runs a range of activities that place students in leadership roles, give students new skills and confidence, promote the engagement of students with the local Indigenous culture and present opportunities for ongoing education. The NISEP program has been a three-time finalist in the National Eureka Science Awards and a winner of the 2011 Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Award for Programs that Enhance Learning. You can follow NISEP on Facebook here.

One beach, one million pieces of plastic

In 2012-2013, I helped organise an outreach program that aimed to increase awareness of the problems associated with plastic pollution in marine environments. I helped present a series of classes at various high schools, and then accompanied students to Manly Beach in Sydney to sample plastic from the beach. We will soon be commissioning an artist to put together a sculpture of all the plastic collected, and put this on display at Manly.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

In 2012 I undertook a 6 month internship at WWF-Australia, during which I gained invaluable experience working in a multidisciplinary environment with staff from a variety of backgrounds, and with external partners including politicians, park managers and other NGOs. Although my primary role was with the Corporate Partnerships team, my work involved collaborations with the Marketing, Conservation and Fundraising teams, which gave me an insight into how the different teams work together to achieve their conservation goals.


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