Course development

Course convener for the 3rd year unit Selected Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation (Macquarie University, 2013)
Course co-convener for the 3rd year unit Special Interest Topics in Biology (Macquarie University, 2013)
Educational developer for the 3rd year unit Biodiversity and Conservation (Macquarie University, 2013). I helped design a virtual world computer game that simulates the discovery of the biodiversity of an unexplored planet.
Educational developer for the massive open online course Climate Change (Open Universities Australia, 2012). I helped create and source relevant visual material to complement the lectures. You can sign up to the course here.
Designer of a variety of statistical exercises for the 2nd year unit Ecology (Macquarie University, 2011).


Conservation and Management of Biodiversity
(St Andrews University, 2008)


Science Communication
(Macquarie University, 2012)
Climate Change (Macquarie University, 2011, 2013)
Ecology (Macquarie University, 2010-2011)
Evolution and Biodiversity (Macquarie University, 2010)

Student supervision

Selected Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation
 (Macquarie University, 2010-2012)
Human Biology (Macquarie University, 2010) 


2013   Third prize in the inaugural Creativity and Contributions in Teaching Award - awarded to Paul Duckett, Abby Cabrelli and Adam Wilkins for the application "Enhancing and Inspiring Student Learning Through Short Films".

Student feedback

"...I really just wanted to thank-you again for being such a dedicated supervisor! Your feedback was always so punctual and helpful, and I really enjoyed this subject because it was a pleasure having you there to help me".
"...I can honestly say that Abby's tutorial was one of the friendliest class environments I have been in to date, and that environment helped greatly to foster discussion and participation in the class".

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